The Dime, 457 West Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402

The Film Index, December 17, 1910:


“The Dime is the most popular theatre in Idaho Falls, the liveliest town in Southeastern Idaho, numbering about eight thousand souls. Its increasing business has demanded more room and a thirty foot addition has just been completed. A fine type of opera chair has just  been installed and the whole inside remodeled, and it would be hard to find a more artistic interior.

“Joe George, the owner and manager, is a live one–a booster and a good fellow, and he has brought the Dime up to its present status from a very humble beginning–from a seating capacity of 150 to more than 300. Besides the comfort of his patrons, Mr. George gives particular attention to his operating room and the music. Licensed pictures have always been used, and these are shown at their best. He uses piano and trap drums with the occasional violin or cornet. Where the occasion warrants he employs some local speaker to lecture the pictures. ”

Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society.

He is currently accepting theatre talks and walks for the fall and winter–historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc.


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