The Scenario, Ocean Grove, New Jersey

Motion Picture News, September 30, 1911:


“At Ocean Grove, N. J., is an all-alive, unique little moving picture theater, called the Scenario, managed by Mr. Salo Ansbach.

It has a seating capacity of 614 people, employs three operators, and has an orchestra of five pieces–piano, violin, cello, clarinet and drum. It is situated in the north-eastern end of the North End Hotel Building, and is one of the best picturehouses of the Eastern Coast.

“This little theatre is very finely equipped with the best modern equipment that money could buy–asbestos booth, two new No. 6 Powers machines, Kleine dissolver, mirror screen and two Edison economy transformers.

“The Scenario is a summer theatre and will close for the season on September 23rd. It is quite a novel sight on a summer’s night to see its employees flitting out in uniforms with blue coat and gold braid, yachting cap and white trousers.

“Quoting from a remark of one of the associates of the Scenario, one lady in particular was so pleased with the work of the operators that she told one of them that the boys in the Scenario had Boston, Philadelphia and New York men ‘licked by a mile’ when it came to showing a good picture. They are New York boys at that–James Girvan, Ben Turner and last but not least, Nick Hayes.

“The entire equipment of this house was installed by the H. A. Mackie Co., or to quote again from information obtained on the  subject by Wm. E. Smith ‘the wide-awake kid’ and his genial boss, Mr. Harry A. Mackie.”


The Scenario


Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, chosen 2010 Best Book of the Year by the Theatre Historical Society.

He is available for theatre talks and walks in 2014, historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc.






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