Captured on East 14th Street

Moving Picture World, September 23, 1910:


“The Comedy is one of the most successful picture houses in New York. It is operated on a continuous policy, two projecting machines being used, thus doing away with waits or delays.

“The only feature about the theatre which we could  not commend  was the excessive poster display in the lobby and around the front. Manager Kauffman agrees this did not add to the beauty of his house and he would willingly dispense with this method of advertising if he was sure his business would not suffer, but he felt that his receipts were at least thirty-five per cent due to banners and posters.

“We presume this is his reason for the exaggerated showing of supposed scenes from the films, yet we believe the business would not suffer were artistic signs and banners used in smaller numbers.” 



Moving Picture World, September 10, 1910

Captured by Wireless

Comedy Theatre
45 East 14th Street
New York, NY


Cezar Del Valle is the author of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, a three-volume history of borough theatres.

Since 1997 theatre historian,  Cezar Del Valle, has conducted a popular series of  theatre talks and walks, available for  historical societies, libraries, senior centers, etc.

The first two chosen 2010 OUTSTANDING BOOK OF THE YEAR by the Theatre Historical Society. Final volume published in September 2014.

Currently seeking funding for “Editing & Formatting” the first three volumes of the Brooklyn Theatre Index, 3rd Edition





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