Comique Theatre, Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee

Motography,July 15, 1916:


“The birthplace of the Mutual Film Corporation was recently unearthed in the form of a photograph which President [John R.] Freuler discovered among his possessions. It was the long forgotten Comique Theater on Kinnickinnic avenue. Milwaukee.

“Here Mr. Freuler was introduced to the motion picture business which led to the establishment of the Western Film Exchange of Milwaukee, which grew into a system of exchanges and finally developed into the Mutual Film Corporation.

“The film magnate is interested in the American Film Company, Inc., the Lone Star Corporation, which makes the Charlie Chaplin Mutual specials, Majestic-Reliance, New York Motion Picture Corporation, Vogue Films, Inc., States Film Corporation, North American Film Corporation and Signal Film Corporation. In addition he holds important interests in a number of other concerns in the picture making business.

“The development of all these concerns may be traced back to Mr. Freuler’s interest in the business created by his connection with the little old Comique.”

From The British Film Institute

Mutual Films

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