The Star of Bradford

Film Index, May 23, 1908:

Star Theatre, 11 Main Street, Bradford, Pennsylvania


“The cosy little theatre is owned by the Bradford Amusement Company and is under the personal management of Thomas B. Breakey.

“In the above picture, reading left to right, are: Mrs. Elizabeth Williams the excellent pianist; Miss Helen Harris, who presides in the ticket office; Miss Edna Lesh, who is also a ticket seller; Master Blake Gifford, of Buffalo, pianist who has filled occasional engagements at the Star; Robert Kellarman, the man behind the gun in the moving picture department; Archie Appleton, the excellent baritone; Master Leonard Stearns, the very popular boy soprano, and last. but by no means least, Manager Breakey himself.”


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Theatorium, Main Street, Perry, New York

Looking over early picture postcards of Main Street, one can sometimes spot a storefront movie house such as the Theatorium in Perry, New York.

Theatorium perry


PerryNYA few sentences in the local press provide a basic history.

Its opening reprinted in “Down Memory Lane”, Perry Herald, March 21, 1957:
“March 21, 1907-Perry’s new Theatorium will open to the public on Friday March 22, in the Bullard block next to Coburn’s restaurant, with new and up-to-date movies. Admission will be 5c.”

Perry Herald-News, March 26, 1908:
“Mr. Criswell, who recently took the management of the Theatorium, has improved the conditions so as to accommodate increasing audiences.”

Perry Herald, October 1, 1909:
“At the Theatorium–Friday night: Babe Mitchell, the dainty, singing comedienne; four lighting changes in one act

“Pictures-Poor Kiddies and Lace Making, Buying Manhattan, and Boots He could Not Wear. Song by Mr. Merville   ‘I Wish I Had My Old Girl Back Again’”

Perry Herald, November 2, 1909:
“R. U. Criswell, who formerly run [sic]  the Theatorium here, has bought the Lyric Theatre, a similar moving picture show in Batavia.”

Wyoming County Times, July 14, 1910:
“The Theatorium moving picture house has been closed.”

Wyoming County Times, November 17, 1910:
“The Theatorium is closed again and is being arranged inside for a store.”

From the Perry Herald-News, June 13, 1907:


Theatorium ad

Postcard from the Theatre Talks Collection. Please credit or ask permission to copy  or use.


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